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Best Wireless Gaming Headsets in 2020


When it comes to buying wireless gaming Headsets, the experience is a little different than purchasing wired headsets. When buying decent wired headsets, you don’t need to have a bunch of specifications in your head. You need to remember technical details like the size of drivers and impedance, but that’s about it. However, when you are buying wireless gaming headsets, you need to keep some substantial things in mind. Read the following buyer’s guide!


Many buyers question the legibility of wireless gaming headsets and have gone to the point of bashing them by stating wireless headset doesn’t offer any real benefits. Though the sound quality is not as good as their wired counterparts, to say wireless headsets are not in any way good is totally wrong.

Wireless Headsets used to suffer from a lot of problems in the past, but they’ve become comparatively better in the contemporary age.

To be candid, this wireless gaming headset, it is very much closer to their wired counterpart than it used to be in the past. With that out of the way, we’re going to take a look at some of the advantages of buying wireless gaming Headsets. These benefits will help you in understanding that wireless Headsets are not terrible. These Headsets are for people who want to be active or don’t like to have wires in their way.

It is safe to say that wired headsets are easy to carry. However, the main thing that creates the most distinctive difference between wireless and wired headset is wireless headsets don’t have any cables. This difference alone serves as something that makes up the deal for confused buyers whether or not they should go for a wireless option or a wired one. Most people go for wireless gaming headsets because they are better and easier to carry while working out.


  • COMFORTABILITY: As regards the comfort, this is something that you need regardless of what you are buying. If you want to get perfect headsets for your gaming activities, having maximum comfort should be a priority. When you are looking for gaming headsets, ensure the review you are reading mentions the comfort level of the headset. If it is not good, don’t buy them.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION: Active noise cancellation is also one of the features that utilize special circuitry that blocks outside noise. While this feature is somewhat available in most of the wired headset, active noise cancellation is one of those features that are considered to be a selling point of wireless Headset.
  • BATTERY LIFE: By being wireless, headsets need to be regular charging. Some have onboard batteries that charge or come with a charging dock. Others use rechargeable battery packs meaning you can get extra and substitute them out when necessary. It is considered a perfect fit for road warriors. Most headsets last at least ten hours, but some headset works as many as twenty hours on a single charge.
  • SOUND QUALITY: The number one reason to select one wireless gaming headset over another is the audio fidelity. It is challenging to quantify the quality though easily to digest metric. Add to this that some wireless headsets prioritize deep bassy tones, and other headphones opt to prioritize solid environmental sound, and you have quite the challenge sifting through earphones. Understand that a gaming headset will attempt to produce the best ecological sound. That means Stereo sound (which is best for music or podcasts) is often taking a backseat to soundscapes that put you in action. All of the headsets I would discuss have great, above-average sound, and try to create a good environmentally aware gaming soundscape.


  1. TURTLE BEACH EAR FORCE STEALTH 450- affordable headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 possesses a glossy black back panel that includes light-up logos of Turtle Beach. Made of plastic matte, the stealth 450 has elliptical ear pads, and a headband that has a tension point enables them a little light, especially on the sides. Though the plastic model of this headset doesn’t feel cheap or fake, it also feels as high and great, as no one would like with padding which is stiffer and thinner than other competitors.

At the end of a durable metal arm, is a small black plastic tab that connects the eradicable boom microphone. On the right ear cup of the headset, this is the place where you will find all the connections and control which involve a micro USB for charging and 3.5 MM jack. The wireless USB port will turn on the light when connecting the headset, and when the headset is connected to the game, it will function as a stereo headset.

Stealth 450 offers an excellent quality of music sound that can handle bass tracks without disturbance. The sounds from the Stealth 450 lean towards the low-mids with some of the higher frequencies getting some sculpting to equate the music, giving it a typical audio profile for a gaming headset. Games will also sound forceful and full when you use the Stealth 450 headset, and this turtle beach headset will bring out a pleasurable sound as you play.


  • The price of this headset is affordable and works with several game stations including PlayStation 4.
  • Sleek Design with a different variety of colors.
  • Battery charges last for a longer time, and the battery also recharges rapidly, even while you are wearing the headset.


  • This headset is pretty expensive, especially when compared to other gaming headsets, so you need to be prepared to pay for the quality and satisfaction you are getting.
  • There are not active noise cancelation features on this headset and the noise isolation that it features is only decent.

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  1. HYPERX CLOUD GAMING HEADSET – Game Station Compatible 

The HYPERX CLOUD ALPHA PRO is a great wireless gaming headset and is designed to offer you exceptional experience as you play games. The distortion that you can hear in regular earphones has been reduced by the Brand Dual Chamber Design and helps in creating a bright sound that is immersive. The cord control on the side allows you to set the volume of the headset with ease.

So far in durability, the HYPERX CLOUD headset has an aluminum frame that is designed for use on a daily basis. The code is braided, and the durable leather material of the band headset is also very much flexible and great comfort on the head. Even after playing for hours player/user will feel comfortable because of memory foam padding in earpieces.

The headset has a noise cancellation microphone so that you can play in a room with other gamers without being heard in by the third party. THE HYPERX CLOUD ALPHA PRO is compatible with PS, PC, and TABLETS.


  • Aluminum headband
  • Great sound with maximum volume.
  • Memory foam that is super comfortable, very soft on-ear cups and top of the head
  • Its microphone does not pick up any background noises, windscreen for fan works well


  • Screws into the plastic to hold ear cups
  • Its braided line can kink or be a hassle

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  1. STEELSERIES SIBERIA 800 LAG FREE -Dolby Sound Technology

Siberia 800 Lag Free features the three Dolby surround sound technology; the Siberia 800 offers the user ultimate professional sound that is lag-free and low latency. The headset works with all gaming systems, the product has a stunning OLED display and also features Live-Mix to give you durable control to get the perfect balance between audio and chat. And for long hours of playing time, the headset has dual batteries that are hot-replaceable batteries it also includes a built-in charger, so when you’re playing for a long session, you will never run out of the cell.

The Siberia 800 also provides more versatility for users among other game systems; it has a shared port that you can use together when you want to play with friends. The continuous frequencies feature hopping technologies that block any interference. The Siberia 800 Lag Free gives you the lowest latency on the wireless gaming headset market with a fixed audio stream that offers smooth and consistent audio delivery.

It was also manufactured with an incredible design with a stylish matte black look and a perfect finish on the ear cups. The product features an inner ear cup and the stitching orange lights and padding memory foam on the ear cups for long hours of playing the headset. For fine-tune settings, one can make adjustments with the ear cup controls.


  • The substantial design of this headset makes it be an expensive gaming headset.
  • It has a clear microphone with a flexible boom.
  • The Lithium-ion battery allows you to play for up to 20 hours.


  • The bass is a bit weak, because of 7.1 surround sound that is not designed for music.

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Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headset features rock-solid double-wireless technology with Bluetooth mobile audio and lag-free 2.4G wireless lossless audio, combined with 40,000 Hz capable, Hi-res capable speaker drivers and a Clear-Cast microphone making it the ultimate gaming headset system. Arctis Pro Wireless gaming headset is designed with luxury materials like aluminum alloy and polished steel, and the exclusive Arctis ski goggle headband and Airwave performing fabric ear cushions. It has an OLED screen with the multi-input wireless transmitter and included removable and rechargeable batteries that make the gaming headset system flexible as it is powerful.

One of the outstanding issues with the SteelSeries 800 happens to be the giant transmitter that was required for the set-up. The 840 rectified this by making use of Bluetooth and a slick receiver but dropped some features. The Arctis Pro is the union of both the 800 and 840 with insane customization options, incredible sound, and a modern professional look.


  • Beats wired sound quality despite being wireless.
  • It supports PS4.
  • Extremely comfortable with Elastic headband that is very light and comfy.
  • It is the best headset money can buy.
  • This one is an improvement upon the 800 and 840 in numerous ways.
  • Fast charging that can charge a 10-hour battery in an hour.


  • This headset does not work with Xbox One
  • It is relatively expensive
  • Poor Microphone Gain

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  1.  CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB WIRELESS –Highly affordable


The VOID PRO RGB Wireless headset proffers exceptional epic audio performance, comfort, and legendary CORSAIR durability to deliver the most scintillating gaming experience. It has microfiber mesh fabric, and memory foam ear cups enable you to play for hours while providing comfort and airflow.

Enjoy the precision of custom tuned 50mm speaker drivers and all-new noise-cancellation microphone for crystal clear and vibrant communication. Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology delivers up to Forty feet (40ft) range, up to Sixteen hours of battery longevity and Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound.

RGB lighting control and CUE software allow virtually unlimited color options and syncing with other CORSAIR RGB devices. One of our pleasurable aspects of the Void is the incredibly comfortable memory foam ear cups. Despite wearing them for many hours, it never feels painful or burdensome like some headsets. They are light enough that you don’t get a tired neck from lifting a bulky headset all day, but the Void headset is heavy enough that you don’t misplace them. But the ear cups on this headset tend to be too big rather than too small.


  • The headset is very comfortable both to carry and use
  • Immensely sufficient and good battery life for the price
  • Excellent environmental audio compatibility
  • Unidirectional Microphone and LED mute indicator


  • The RGB lighting is isolated to the logo of the product and does not worth using.

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From the analysis above, it will be deduced that a good wireless gaming headset can take your game playing to the next level. But when you search online to purchase one, chances are pretty high that you will get completely overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of the different types of headsets available in the market. A better wireless gaming headset will have a stable battery that enables you to enjoy your headset while playing and also be comfortable for you to use without an iota of stress. And if you consider all the points mentioned in this article earlier carefully the headset you will buy will serve you for many years to come.

By Darius Gaynor

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